About Diane

Diane Bostow, Libertarian Candidate for the 1st Congressional District, who has been on the ballot since May, welcomes the two other candidates to the general election.

“I hope to have a sane and civil discussion of the issues identified by the people of the the UP and Northern Michigan,” Bostow said.

She is a third time resident of Michigan. Having returned from a five year tour of the US, she and her husband chose to make Gwinn their year-round home.

Bostow has visited every corner of the District.  She says she is overwhelmed by the positive response to her relaxed, civll way to discussing issues.  “It’s encouraging  to hear from so many people that they are starving for another choice. They’re tired of having to choose the lesser of two evils, and they want another option.”

In office, Bostow will work to provide a transparent, fiscally conservative Federal budget that will reduce taxes by eliminating bureaucratic waste.  Some of her priorities are:

  • keeping our promises to our veterans
  • keeping and maintaining a strong national defense while staying out of foreign entanglements
  • repealing expensive and burdensome federal regulations while giving more control to the states
  • ending the war on drugs that enables the drug cartels and dilutes our law enforcement agencies
  • eliminating breaches of due process such as civil asset forfeiture

She attended elementary school in Fraser, MI. After graduating from WMU with majors in psychology and English, she taught at Waterford Kettering High School. She taught teachers how to teach economics at the University of South Florida. Bostow and her husband have four children and four grandchildren.

Bostow’s recent work has been contracting home construction, including her own in Gwinn. As an entrepreneur with endeavors such as a yacht charter business in Tampa, she has dealt with government regulation, and has been responsible for making payroll.

She holds a private pilot’s license, a CDL, a motorcycle endorsement, an Ocean Operator’s Captain’s license, and has just completed CPL training.

“I believe I have a unique perspective, different than career politicians. In 2008, my family suffered a devastating blow during the crash of the housing market.  We lost almost everything, and were forced to pull ourselves up by the boot straps, put smiles on our faces, and rebuild our lives,” Bostow said. “I credit my parents with instilling relentless determination in me at a young age, I plan to take that fearless determination to Washington to fight for Michigan’s families.”

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