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Why I need to go to the House of Representatives

Marijuana, war on drugs, police as perpetrators and victims, suicide among veterans, more legislation on opioids ….

These are the topics that are spinning in my mind today, I haven’t put out a platform, per se, but I will start here and today. If you want oversimplification of complex issues, you can tune in to my competitors.

What most people think they know about marijuana is a result of over a hundred years of propaganda If you still don’t understand that NO ONE has ever died of an overdose of marjiuana, you need to stop talking about it until you do your homework.

Who benefits from the drug war? Think about that really hard.

Putting people in prison for drug use is a huge drain on our tax money, and it serves no one.

Marijuana might very well prevent some sucides among vets, because it calms the horror of their memories. Opiods tend to make people crazy, especially combined with other drugs, as they are being perscribed by the VA The government’s answer is to have the DEA (carrying weapons) raid it’s other agency, the VA, for having too many opioids. Marijuana can’t be perscribed by the VA even in states where it is legal, because it is a federal agency.

Legislators suppress marijuana research to keep their “jobs.”

If you can put this in a platform sound bite, I would love to see it.

Democrats and Republicans go to their leadership to find out how they can vote. I will vote my head, heart, and soul.

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